Calmwater Designs Pottery

Calmwater Designs Pottery is a small studio in New Hampshire which produces some of the best contemporary art pottery today. Owned by classically trained artist Stephanie Young, her pots are in demand all over the globe. Young found inspiration from her mother, who was an antique dealer, and through her love of nature. She also found inspiration in local architecture and Art Nouveau crafts. Young attended the Art Institute of Boston. While attending school, Young taught at and managed many of the local art center studios. Young currently dedicates her time to her studio and exhibiting her pottery at various pottery conventions and shows. She also teaches a class at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts for the Ceramics Program.

Stephanie Young Calmwater Designs Pottery vessels are contemporary interpretations of classic Art Nouveau styles from 1890 -1910. Art Nouveau is defined as an ornamental style of long, sinuous, organic lines which take the shapes of flower stalks and buds, vines, insects and other delicate natural objects found in nature.

Calmwater Designs Pottery vessels are in classic shapes handcrafted in porcelain. The glazes are a matt finish over which are applied rich colors found in nature such as greens, blues, yellows, oranges and browns and oxidized shades of copper and bronzes. Typical motifs of dragonflies, mushrooms, butterflies, aquatic animals, florals, lizards, and insects are executed in exquisite detail.

Calmwater Designs Pottery is marked with SY within a square along with the date of the vessel. Young is the sole artist and producer of Calmwater Designs Pottery and production is limited to roughly 200 pieces a year. Each piece is hand-thrown by Young and her designs are carved freehanded onto the vessel. Next the vessel is fired. Then Young hand-paints her glazes on. Finally, the vessel is fired one more.


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