Door Pottery


Inspired by the integrity of the Arts and Crafts Movement that swept America and Europe between 1880 and 1920, potter Scott Draves decided to open his pottery studio in Madison, Wisconsin in 2001. Draves wanted his pottery to reflect the ideals of high-quality, creative expression rather than churned-out, large quantities of mass-produced, impersonal pieces. With that dedication to excellence, Door Pottery was born.

Door Pottery also acknowledges design elements from the Arts and Craft’s Movement’s fringe edges: Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Prairie School design periods. Arts and Crafts elements incorporated onto Door Pottery pieces include bats, gingko, poppy, and dragonfly motifs among other nature designs. Vessels are in the shapes of classical, architectural, and organic forms.

Door Pottery pieces are available in three types of crystalline Faience glazes and available in several different color variations of the type of glaze applied. Blended glazes incorporate two colors carefully graduated across the vessel. Solid glazes have a primary color accentuated with subtle, complementary hues that create highlights. Mottled glazes create textured surfaces. Draves continually experiments with new glazes and his most recent glaze is called Granny Smith Green in reference to the color of green apples.

Each piece of Door Pottery is an individual piece of art decorated by hand. Older pieces are marked with maker’s marks and artist signatures. Artists who worked on earlier Door Pottery include Richard Ritzlaff, John Tiller, and Nicky Ross who were also involved with Door Pottery’s Studio Line. Since 2016, Door Pottery simplified its organization and now owner/potter Scott Draves is the sole producer of Door Pottery where he designs, throws, and glazes each piece by hand.  Draves’ approach ensures that each vessel is a unique piece of art, and that they are issued in low numbers.

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6 products