Just Art Pottery Team

Greg Myroth

Greg does all the buying and overall management of the business including all marketing and business development activities. Even though we sell over 3,000 pieces of art pottery each year, Greg personally inspects most pieces before they are listed on the JustArtPottery.com website. Greg is a trustee of the American Art Pottery Association. He has spoken at multiple conferences and authored articles on various topics related to buying, selling and collecting American art pottery.

Lana Myroth

Lana provides the day to day management of the business and scheduling and coordinating related business activities. She also spends a fair amount of time speaking with customers as well as setting up and scheduling pottery buying trips and deliveries.


Sue handles all the shipping and receiving for Just Art Pottery. She also processes a large majority of the incoming inventory. Sue is the one who regularly is receiving letters and emails of praise for her superior packing skills.


Renae has been with Just Art Pottery since 2008 and is our resident photography expert. Since 2008, basically every photo on our website has been taken by Renea. She is dedicated to her art and always strives to get quality, accurate photos of our art pottery.


Ethan enjoys helping with pottery receiving and cleaning. He will tell you that the cleaning part is his least favorite responsibility. He can often be found assisting Renae with photography. Ethan also does a great job loading and unloading inventory that is coming and going.


Bubba is the JustArtPottery.com mascot and has been a great addition to the team since we picked him up from the local humane society a few years ago. He is a great dog and loyal companion. He loves his long walks with Greg. He's never met a person he doesn't like as long as you don't mess with Ethan.


Oliver is the long standing Myroth family cat. His claim to fame is his uncanny ability to frustrate Greg while climbing on desks and in and out of shelves of pottery while never breaking a single piece.

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