Van Briggle Pottery

Van Briggle Pottery was established in Colorado Springs, Colorado by Artus and Anne Van Briggle. Both were accomplished artists, with Artus previously employed by Rookwood Pottery as the leading director and who created matt glaze formulas inspired by the Chinese Ming Dynasty pottery.

Earlier pottery came in blue, brown, green, and red matt glazes, while pieces made after 1960 include yellow, marron, turquoise and high gloss pieces. Van Briggle designs range from Art Noveau bowls and vases to bookends, figurals, flower frogs, and lamps. 

The Van Briggle’s company started in 1899 and although Artus passed away just five years later, Anne Van Briggle kept the company until 1912, where it changed hands multiple times until 2014. The markings on the pottery help determine when the work was made, with most pieces marked with the double “A” (Artus and Anne) logo. Other marks include stamps for clay type and design, date marks, “U.S.A.” and abbreviated “Colo. Spgs” as well as artist marks, such as Ambrose Schlegel, Clement Hull, and Fred Wills.

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9 products