Flower Meanings and Vintage Vases

Flower Meanings and Vintage Vases

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I’m writing this a few days before Valentine’s Day, and I’ve got flowers on the mind. Flowers are a big part of Valentine’s Day for many people, and if you’re a vintage vase collector, you might be especially into displaying fresh or faux flowers. I thought it would be fun to talk about flower meanings, as in what they are said to represent, especially when gifting.

Of course, meanings may vary, and you’re welcome to ascribe any meaning you wish to any flower or plant! Most of these meanings are according to the Farmer’s Almanac and many of them were meanings used in Victorian times, when people used flowers to send silent messages.

Meanings of Different Rose Colors

Red rose - Love, Romance

White rose - Innocence, Heavenly, I’m worthy

Yellow rose - Jealousy, Sorry, Friendship

Pink rose - Happiness

Tulip color meanings

Red tulip - Passion, A declaration of love

Yellow tulip - “Sunshine in your smile”

White tulip - Respect

Other Flower Meanings

Red carnation - Deep love, Heartache

Pink carnation - I’ll never forget you

Crocus - Youthfulness

Daisy - Keeping a secret, Innocence, Loyalty

Iris - Faith, Trust, Hope

Violet - Modesty

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