How to improve your home decor with art pottery and flowers

How to improve your home decor with art pottery and flowers

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A great way to freshen up your home decor is by decorating with art pottery and using live or artificial flowers. While art pottery is always beautiful when displayed alone or in groupings, adding a colorful bouquet can take your home decor and interior design to another level.

This Roseville Carnelian II blue vase makes a stunning display when paired with this floral arrangement.  

Roseville Carnelian Vase


This art deco Weller Pottery Turkis vase displays beautifully when paired with a variety of coleus and some sprigs of potato vine.  

Weller Turkis Vase


Below we have a simple Roseville Pottery Colors bowl paired with a bold bouquet of zinnia blossoms with dwarf morning glory.  While the art deco bowl would serve as a nice decorative accent on its own, the floral addition gives a look that is sure to elevate your home decor. 

Decorating with Roseville Pottery


The arts and crafts style Rookwood Pottery lavender bowl paired with coral berry branches, coral bell leaves and sedum and the Weller Patra bowl are great examples of ways to inject some color and interest into your home decor.  

Decorating with Rookwood Pottery

Improve your home decor with Weller Pottery

One word of caution, it is always recommended to use a plastic insert if displaying live flowers in your art pottery to avoid potentially staining your vase or damaging your furniture from any water seepage through the pottery.  Some decorators have found using a protective cork coaster works well to protect furniture. 

Hopefully, these photos of incorporating art pottery and flowers into your home decor will spark your creative interest.  Do you use art pottery in your home decor?  If so we would love to see photos of how you are decorating with art pottery.   

The photos above are provided from the multi-talented art pottery collector, decorator and photographer Nancy Marshall.  


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