Art Pottery Gift Ideas for Fathers Day


Father’s Day gift ideas seem to be very narrow among most ads you see this time of year. If your dad isn’t into golf or ties, there aren’t a lot of suggestions out there for you. At Just Art Pottery, we’ve got a wide variety of vintage and antique gift ideas any dad would love. 

Vintage Art Pottery Bookends

Green  pottery bookends boys reading

Enhance your dad's bookshelf or desk with a pair of vintage art pottery bookends. Ceramic bookends created with the intricate patterns of Roseville, the artistic elegance of Rookwood, or the timeless appeal of McCoy, each pair tells a unique story and adds a touch of beauty to any bookshelf. Almost anyone can find a place in their space for bookends, which can also be used to “bookend” things that aren’t books, like trophies, plants, and special framed pictures. 

Antique Pottery Paperweights

art pottery rookwood green rook paperweight


Treat your dad to a stunning antique pottery paperweight that combines functionality and artistic beauty. These mini masterpieces showcase the craftsmanship of various esteemed makers. Look for paperweights with vibrant glazes, intricate designs, and historical significance. Whether it's a Weller paperweight with nature-inspired motifs or a Van Briggle piece featuring Art Nouveau designs, these collector's items will become treasured pieces in his space and maybe inspire a new collector hobby. 

Ceramic Tray for Watches, Cufflinks, etc.

Ceramic art pottery tray

For the stylish and organized dad (or perhaps one that needs some help in this department), a vintage ceramic tray is the perfect gift to showcase his watches, cufflinks, and other accessories. Choose an art pottery tray with a design that complements his taste, whether it's a sleek and minimalist design reminiscent of mid-century modern style or an intricately detailed tray inspired by Art Deco aesthetics. At Just Art Pottery, we have a great variety of vintage art pottery trays to choose from. 

Art Pottery Collector's Guide Book

Delve into the world of art pottery with a collector's guidebook that explores the history, styles, and prominent makers of this timeless art form. Look for comprehensive guides that cover a wide range of pottery makers, including Roseville, Rookwood, McCoy, and more. If your dad is already a collector or enthusiast, he probably has some favorite makers or forms. Try to sneak the answer out of him and find books on these. Pottery books provide valuable insights into the evolution of pottery, showcase notable pieces, and help your dad expand his knowledge and appreciation for this exquisite art.

Pottery Restoration Courses

If your dad already has a collection or even just a few favorite pieces of vintage art pottery, consider gifting him a pottery restoration course. There are in-person and online classes available for beginners and collectors as well as those who want to go into business restoring ceramics. 

Pottery Displays

If your dad has a lot of pottery or some pieces he absolutely adores, you might also consider giving him the gift of storage and display. A beautiful glass-door hutch is one option. Or you can even find glass shelves with lighting meant for displaying priceless pieces.

Still not sure what to get Dad?


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