Van Briggle Art Pottery Figurals

Van Briggle Pottery produced specialty lines throughout the years of production at the pottery.  The pottery produced items such as ash trays, bookends, candle holders, flower frogs, letter holders, paperweights, plates, tea sets, and tiles.  Probably the most sought after and recognized of the specialty lines produced by Van Briggle pottery is the figural lines, including vases, planters, and lamps. 

One of the earliest and most recognized figural vases produced by Van Briggle Pottery and designed by Artus Van Briggle is the Lorelei vase.  The Lorelei depicts a mermaid wrapped around the vase.  The Lorelei vase remained one of Van Briggle's most popular designs throughout the years of the companies existence. 

Van Briggle Lorelei Vase

Other early figural designs created by Artus Van Briggle includes the Toast Cup, which depicts a mermaid holding a fish, the Despondency, which portrays a man wrapped around the rim of the vase, and the Lady of the Lily which depicts an art nouveau style woman leaning against a large calla lily.    

Van Briggle Despondency Vase

Van Briggle Lady of Lily

Other highly collectible figural pieces produced by the company include the Siren of the Sea, showing a mermaid reclining on a large shell-shaped bowl, Lady of the Lake which depicts a woman kneeling on a rock while gazing into a bowl, Water Nymph which shows a nude woman kneeling in a bowl while feeding a large bird, Rebecca at the Well depicts a woman leaning against a tree trunk holding a water jug, Anna Van large vase portrays a tall woman standing next to a large calla lily flower form vase, and the Mermaid tray which simply shows a mermaid wrapped around a round tray. 

Van Briggle Anna Van Vase

In the later years of Van Briggle Pottery production, a variety of exceptional figural pieces were produced, including Van Briggle Collector Society Vases as well as other Craig Stevenson original designs.  Some of the more sought after Craig Stevenson original designs include The Angel Vase, The Legacy Vase, The Four Seasons Vase, and Morning Caress vase. 

Van Briggle Four Seasons Vase