Vintage Art Pottery Gifts for Family Members

Vintage art pottery makes a perfect gift for many family members for many reasons. Not only do they make beautiful, unique, artful gifts, but you’re also gifting them an investment-worthy heirloom. Here are just a few of our favorites to help you get started. 

Art Pottery Gift Ideas For Grandparents

Grandparents hold a deep appreciation for the past, and our collection of vintage art pottery bowls and vases encapsulates the beauty of bygone eras. Imagine gifting them a gracefully aged vase with intricate patterns or a finely detailed bowl that transports them to another time. 

We carry vintage art pottery from many time periods, so for extra nostalgia, you could choose a piece from the year they were born or a time period that is special to them in some way. 

Roseville Art Deco Bowl

Art Pottery Gift Ideas for Parents

Our vintage art pottery lamps and candle holders make a great symbolic gift. Remind your parents of the warmth and light they’ve provided while giving them a functional and beautiful vintage gift that will give them happy, warm thoughts of you every time they see it. 


green art pottery candle holders

Art Pottery Gift Ideas for Children

When selecting art pottery gifts for children, consider pieces that ignite their imagination, add whimsy to their space, and provide them with a beloved future heirloom. Our collections of vintage ceramic paperweights and figurines are a good choice for children of any age. Also, consider ceramic bookends!

art pottery book ends reading to child

For young children, they can be put on an out-of-reach shelf for them to adore from a distance until they’re old enough to handle it with care. It will be a piece of art that they can grow with and keep for a lifetime or pass on to a future generation. 

Art Pottery Gift Ideas for Siblings

Whether you’re buying for your sibling(s) or a pair of siblings not related to you, we’ve got a great idea. Choose two items that celebrate the shared bond and similarities between the two but also highlight the uniqueness of each sibling. For instance, you might choose two ceramic vases with floral patterns in different colors for each—or two different pieces of pottery from the same pattern in different forms. Since art pottery collections are full of collectible patterns and forms with beautiful differences, this is the perfect gift for two people who share a bond but are uniquely special in their own ways.  

2 blue Newcomb College Vases
At Just Art Pottery, we’ve been pottery experts for decades. We’re the best place to search for new pieces of pottery or add that missing piece to your collection. We have thousands of highly collectible pieces of art pottery in a variety of price ranges and would love to help you find the perfect gifts for anyone in your family.