Roseville Pottery

The Roseville Pottery Company was founded in 1890. Roseville initially produced simple utilitarian ware such as flower pots, stoneware, umbrella stands, cuspidors, and limited painted ware. In 1900, Roseville Rozane became the first high-quality art pottery line produced by Roseville.

In 1904, Frederick Rhead became art director for Roseville pottery. Rhead was responsible for the production of scarce art pottery lines such as FudjiCrystalisDella Robbia, and Aztec.
Roseville Pottery ceased operations in 1954. Throughout Roseville's days of production, its versatility and innovativeness served to keep the company at the forefront of the various decorating styles and buying public trends. Even to this day, Roseville pottery still represents the most widely known and most collectible art pottery ever produced.
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