Ephraim Faience Pottery


Ephraim Faience Pottery was founded in 1996 by Kevin Hicks and Scott Draves. Ephraim specializes in high quality, limited edition art pottery in the arts and crafts and art nouveau style. Ephraim is known for their experimental and one of a kind vases that are entirely hand-crafted, hand-decorated and glazed. The glazes are primarily matte in the style of the arts and crafts movement. The vases typically feature hand sculpted and designed flowers such as iris, roses; plants such gingko leaves, blackberries; or animals such as dragonflies, lizards, bees, and much more. Ephraim Faience Pottery produces primarily vases, bowls, pitchers, but has also made lidded boxes, candleholders, tiles, paperweights and lanterns.

Ephraim pottery is always marked with a logo and a variety of marks to easily allow collectors to accurate date the year of production and the artist of the piece. The Ephraim stamp logo uses a clock-face system of tick marks to document the year of production. Most examples of Ephraim are also found with a stamp mark identify the designer or artist. Recognized Ephraim Faience designers and artists over the years include Kevin Hicks, Jesse Wolf, Laura Klein, Mary Pratt, Ken Nekola, and Becky Hanson.

To enhance the collectability and value of Ephraim Faience pottery, production of all designs are limited to no more than 500 pieces. However, many designs are retired at much lower production numbers. Ephraim offers many one of a kind, experimental vases that typically most sought after by advanced collectors.

Just Art Pottery is pleased to offer a wide variety of experimental, show vases, one of a kind examples, and retired designs of Ephraim Faience Pottery. We offer examples of Ephraim in all prices ranges and scarcity for the beginner to the most advanced collector. All pottery is vintage, fully guaranteed and we offer same day shipment.

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7 products