Roseville Raymor

Raymor Modern Stoneware is a Mid-Century Modern line introduced by Roseville Pottery in 1952. Standard colors are dark brown, avocado, white, gray, and pumpkin. Raymor Modern Stoneware is marked with the raised 'raymor by Roseville' script mark and shape number. The line was designed by freelance designer Ben Seibel, and it remains one of the most popular patterns with Mid-Century Modern collectors. Raymor Modern Artware is a late period pattern introduced by Roseville Pottery in 1953. Standard colors are white, gold, and black. This little-known line of Mid-Century Modern artware was created by freelance designer Ben Seibel after the success of his Raymor Modern stoneware. Raymor Modern Artware was marked with raised 'raymor modern artware by Roseville' script marks, sizes, and shape numbers. Shapes include vases, bowls, desk accessories, and other decorative pieces.

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