About Cowan Pottery

Cowan Pottery was founded by Guy Cowan in 1913, and was originally called The Cleveland Pottery and Tile Company. The company closed briefly in 1917 when Cowan joined the army, then reopened in 1919 until it closed its doors for good in 1931.

The most popular line of Cowan Pottery is the figurines introduced by Guy Cowan in 1924. Many recognized artists were associated with Cowan Pottery. These include Arthur Baggs, Alexander Blazys, Waylande Gregory, and Viktor Schreckengost, among numerous others.

Most Cowan Pottery is marked with one of the various Cowan marks that were used throughout the existence of the company. Early pieces were designed as Lakeware, with later pieces including "Cowan" and the initials "R.G" underneath. Limited edition pieces such as the figurals are typically artist signed in addition to one of the Cowan marks.