Decorating With American Art Pottery

Whether you are using your art pottery to complement the interior décor of your home, accenting your mission style or bungalow home, or creating a gallery display of your pottery, a few common sense steps are all that are necessary when decorating with American art pottery. Things to consider include avoiding open displays of your art pottery in high-traffic areas where young children or house pets pose a risk. In addition, you should avoid placing your art pottery in areas with direct sunlight and extreme temperature and humidity changes.

Those decorating with art pottery sometimes choose to display single pieces while others choose to decorate using pottery in groupings. Interior decorating themes include common group selections from particular regions such as Zanesville pottery examples like Roseville, Weller, and Owens or New England area pottery such as Grueby, Marblehead, and Hampshire. Another interior decorating theme is displays of a single maker such as Rookwood or Newcomb College throughout their various periods and styles of production. Others choose to focus on decorating with pottery by using only a particular era such as early pre 1912 Van Briggle or a particular Rookwood artist. Still others prefer to decorate with art pottery by creating displays of a similar subject matter such as Rookwood scenic vellums or Roseville Rozane examples with animal portraits.

Once again, collectors and interior decorators have as many different options as there are art pottery examples when determining how to best display their art pottery collection. There is no right or wrong way to display and decorate with art pottery.