Jemerick Pottery

Jemerick Pottery is a small studio pottery dedicated to continuing the arts and crafts movement in the style of the original potteries such as Grueby and Teco. Jemerick was founded by Steve Frederick and Cherie Jemsek. With over 25 years of experience this small, high-quality, limited production pottery, focuses on capturing the essence of the Arts & Crafts movement by creating pieces that lovingly interpret the original makers as well as reflecting their personal styles and skills.

Jemerick produces distinctive lines of arts and crafts pottery. The Classic line offers a traditional arts & crafts style similar to that produced by Grueby. The Petals line stretches the arts and crafts definition to embrace a more sensual character reminiscent of the Art Nouveau style. Jemerick's Prairie line represents the architectural element of the arts & crafts style originally made famous by Teco pottery.
All Jemerick pottery is hand-thrown on the wheel and sculpted by the artist before being fired to 2200 degrees in an electric kiln. Each example carries the artist's mark and the date created. 

We carry a large selection of Jemerick pottery that is available for immediate shipment. We also offer the option of special ordering your Jemerick pottery items. If there is shape or size that you desire that is unavailable in our current inventory, please email or call to place your special order. Special order items take approximately 4 weeks for delivery.