Roseville Pottery Prices - An Evaluation of Actual Sales Results

At Just Art Pottery we are often asked about Roseville Pottery prices. The most common question we receive is "Are Roseville prices falling as much as real estate, the stock market, and other similar investments?"

While in general my comment is typically, "Yes, prices for Roseville and also any antique and collectible have fallen, but since about 2009 the Roseville prices seem to be stabilizing and for some patterns even seem to be increasing slightly."

I thought it would be interesting to verify the accuracy of my general statement by looking at some actual sale prices for identical Roseville pottery pieces we have sold over the last five to six years.

When I say the same piece I am referring to the same Roseville shape vase in mint condition with similar mold, color and glaze. In most cases, I have sale prices for at least four examples of basically identical pieces of Roseville Pottery.

Below is a summary of recorded sale prices for Roseville Pottery vases in similar shape and condition. Prices are from actual sales recorded at Just Art Pottery.

While I recognize it is hard to draw conclusions from such a limited number of similar sales, I think the trends shown consistency.


Roseville Sunflower Vase Shape 487-7

This particular Roseville Sunflower vase has fallen in value since 2004 but has show stability in price since 2007. In general, we have noticed similar price trends for other vases, bowls, wall pocket and other Sunflower forms.

2004 $1,050
2006 $995
2007 $795
2009 - 2013 $795
2014 $550
2015 $575
2016 $650
2019 $575
2020 $600
2022 $550


Roseville Baneda Vase Shape 603-4

The Roseville Baneda 603-4 vase has fallen in value a little since 2004 but has also shown stability in price since 2009. Baneda has long been one of the more sought after Roseville patterns and it seems to have held it value better than most other patterns.

Other popular middle period Roseville patterns that also seem to have held value better than others include Blackberry, green Laurel, red Ferella, and Rosecraft Vintage and Rosecraft Panel.


2004 $495
2005 $475
2009 $450
2010 $445
2011 $395
2013 $425
2016 $235
2017 $310
2020 $400
2021 $445


Roseville Wisteria Blue Vase Shape 629-4


The Roseville Wisteria blue vase shape 629-4 has fallen in value a little over 25% since 2007. Since 2008 the price has fallen a little over 11%.

2007 $495
2008 $425
2009 $425
2010 $375
2011-2012 $225
2021 $270
2023 $365


Roseville Bushberry Blue Vase Shape 34-8

The Roseville Bushberry blue vase shape 34-8 has taken a 11% drop in price since 2006. That is consistent with the general trend we seem to be seeing that some of the better '40s floral patterns in the more sought after colors have held value fairly well. A few such patterns are green Apple Blossom, blue Bleeding Heart, blue and green Bushberry, yellow Bittersweet, green and blue Freesia, and green and blue Snowberry

2006 $265
2007 $245
2009 $225
2010 $235
2013 $220
2020 $225


Roseville Zephyr Lily Brown Ewer Shape 23-10

The Roseville Zephyr Lily brown ewer shape 23-10 has seen basically stable value since 2006. Which again supports the observation that later floral Roseville patterns seem to be doing well compared to many other antiques and collectibles.

2006 $235
2007 $225
2009 $215
2010 $225
2011 $185
2013-2015 $150
2022 $175

In future articles we look at additional Roseville prices as well as consider comparable sale prices for other American art pottery makers.