Rozart Pottery

Rozart Pottery was founded by George and Rose Rydings in 1968. Rozart was the natural result of several interests. The Rydings were particularly drawn to the hand-decorated scenic, portrait, and floral designs produced by Rookwood, Roseville, and Weller. Rozart Pottery represents the successful effort to recreate the style of these classic art potteries.

In a return to the original studio pottery days, each piece of Rozart Pottery is one-of-a-kind, hand-produced art pottery produced in very limited quantities. Styles vary from scenic portraits, floral vellums, and many other hand-decorated designs. Rozart continues to this day to experiment with new glazes, slips, and decorating techniques
Most pieces are marked with one of various Rozart logos used throughout the years. Many pieces are dated and most are artist signed. As a direct result of the hand craftsmanship involved in each and every piece of Rozart, no two pieces are the same.