Choose Art Pottery to Match the Style of Your Home

Choose Art Pottery to Match the Style of Your Home

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Interior design is subject to ever-changing fashion. We constantly borrow ideas from other eras and places that we visit, sometimes emulating definitive styles. If you opt for a specific style, one of the best ways to accentuate the look is with accessories and artwork, including pottery and ceramics.

We have an amazing selection of art pottery that can help you accentuate your style. 

Three Distinctive Interior Design Styles That Match Art Pottery

Three popular interior design period-style options that will benefit from art pottery embellishment are Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco. When introduced to an interior decorated in any of these distinctive styles you will immediately add to the authenticity of your interior design.

Of course, simply displaying art pottery of a particular style or era isn’t enough to define your style. There are several basic elements that will enable you to achieve the look. Here are some guidelines and art pottery ideas you might like.

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Arts and Crafts

The English Arts and Crafts movement evolved during the second half of the 19th century. Even though the movement represents the opinions and skills of a wide range of artists, craftsmen, writers, and others, there is a definitive style when it comes to architecture, furniture, and decorative articles, including art pottery. 

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Living areas inspired by the Arts and Crafts style are light and bright and should look spacious. White or pale-colored walls work well with natural wood floors covered with colorful rugs. Furniture is plain and often made from oak, with simple cut-out heart or spear-head motifs. Accessories are bright and colorful too.

Traditionally, decorative motifs were commonly inspired by birds, animals, flowers, and other forms of nature. Additionally, colors associated with the Arts and Crafts style include reds, greens, blues, and dull gold shades that look outstanding against pale, muted colors.

Arts and crafts pottery is unique and relatively simple in style. Like everything else about the Arts and Crafts movement, it relied on individuality and passion. Mass production was a total no-no and so, if you buy an original piece, you really will own art pottery that is unique and special.

What is especially exciting is that contemporary craftsmen and women are creating pieces in the style of the original arts and crafts movement. This means that if you can’t find, or can’t afford, original Arts and Crafts pottery, you have the option of buying limited edition or one-of-a-kind pieces created by contemporary artists.

Art Nouveau

The Art Nouveau style also emerged out of Victorian England in the late 19th century. It was also a result of an abhorrence of mass-produced goods.

To a large extent, the Arts and Crafts movement inspired Art Nouveau style, leading to the characteristic sinuous shapes and flowing forms used for illustrations so often seen in fabric and wallpaper designs. But the look is quite different from the Arts and Crafts style, certainly in terms of interior design, as is the art pottery of this era. Art Nouveau

 Like the Arts and Crafts movement, the background colors in your home should be pale. Furniture, though, is much more voluptuous and there was a trend towards classy built-in items.

Art Nouveau as a style is pretty, often featuring flowers, and usually incredibly intricate. Furniture incorporates elegant curves that are adorned with ivory, brass, gilt and anything else that designers could find. The development of art pottery and ceramics is fascinating and the variety is incredible. But if you get yourself a good Art Nouveau piece or more you’ll help to establish the Art Nouveau style in your home.

Somehow, Art Nouveau takes the realities of Arts and Crafts into a more decorative realm. It also introduces organic shapes, curved lines, and a whole lot of natural forms including insects, flowers, and animals.

If you are into the Art Nouveau style you probably gel 100% with the patterns and images of Art Nouveau pottery. There is nothing else quite like it.

We offer a range of stunning original pieces that will embellish your Art Nouveau interior. But it sells fast, so check it out now.

Art Deco

Enter the 20th century.

Like Art Nouveau, Art Deco is a defining movement of the 1920s and 30s, even though Art Nouveau emerged a lot earlier. Both influence just about every visual culture from architecture and the full range of design elements to graphic and fine arts.

But, where Art Nouveau gives us glorious elegant long lines and curves, Art Deco chips in with sharp angles and wonderfully geometric shapes. While Art Nouveau offered us intricate, heavily-worked floral designs and patterns, Art Deco designers stepped in with simplicity. Nevertheless, Art Deco design offers a bold brightness and innovative design that is clean and uncluttered.

Art Deco Vases

The Art Deco style became particularly popular during the 1930s. In many parts of the world, it influenced every element of design from furniture to ornaments, including art pottery.  

The impact of Art Deco design is profound. It ranges from basic plates, cups, and saucers, to much more decorative vases, jugs, bottles, and statues. It’s a very specific look and very different from either the Arts and Crafts or Art Nouveau style.

It seems that the aim was to simplify design with straightforward simplistic lines, geometric symmetry, and streamlined design. But Art Deco, despite its geometric style, is labeled eclectic. While it discards nature-based and floral images, it introduces strong colors along with geometry. Colors are generally used for their own sake. So, you find shocking pink, electric pink, and bold orange and yellow. Metallic finishes are also totally acceptable.

So, how do you introduce Art Deco style art pottery to add to your interior design?

If you have genuine Art Deco pieces, you need to find a good place to display them. Make them a focal point. Ideally, though, if you are an Art Deco collector, you will have several pieces in your home that will all highlight your Art Deco style. If not, you can still emulate an Art Deco style with a few of your favorite vases or pots.

Do I Need a Definitive Style to Display My Art Pottery?

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Absolutely not. Art pottery spans decades and has many different styles. We just know that many of our clients have homes that they have decorated in different styles, and there is art pottery that they can use to embellish it.

If you have opted for a specific style, we will help you choose which type of art pottery will complement your scheme. If not, there’s a good chance that style doesn’t matter.

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