How to Use Vintage Pottery Umbrella Stands in Your Home

How to Use Vintage Pottery Umbrella Stands in Your Home

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I’ve had multiple collectors approach me at pottery shows, via email, or social media, telling me how much they love large pieces like umbrella stands but aren’t sure how to incorporate them into their homes. Umbrella stands are especially stunning because there's more room to show off great designs and beautiful glazes. Here are some ideas, other than the obvious use of umbrellas, which they happen to be perfect for as well! 

Uses for pottery umbrella stands other than storing umbrellas 

Walking sticks – Whether they’re the worn sticks you love to hike with or you love to collect artfully carved pieces, vintage pottery umbrella stands are the perfect height to display them in a convenient place or as a unique focal point in any room.  

    Trees – Faux or real trees, like Ficus, are popular indoor plants but they require a heavy, and high enough base. A pottery umbrella stand meets both requirements much more stylishly than an ordinary pot.   

    Robinson Ransbottom Umbrella Stand

      Decorate twigs – Maybe you don’t want the whole tree but love decorating with sprigs and twigs, even fairy lights or holiday ornaments.  

        Crutches and canes – A tall umbrella stand gives medical equipment a stylish home near the door where they’re needed.  

          Flower arrangements – You don’t have to use the entire interior depth of the umbrella stand to take advantage of its height. Hang a small basket or platform several inches from the top to support a full flower arrangement. This would look particularly beautiful with some trailing greens over the edge.  


            Using Vintage Art Pottery Umbrella Stands in Home Decor 

            Choose the right size: Before you purchase an umbrella holder, measure the space where you plan to put it. You want to make sure that the stand you choose is the appropriate size for your entryway or mudroom. 

              Roseville Majolica Umbrella Stand

              Mix and match: Don't be afraid to mix and match different types of vintage art pottery in your decor. For instance, you can pair an umbrella stand with a vintage flower vase or planter to create a cohesive look. 

                Play with color: Vintage art pottery comes in a variety of colors and glazes. Choose a color that complements your decor or use the stand as an accent piece to add a pop of color to your space. 

                  Use as a statement piece: Umbrella stands can be used as a statement piece in your home decor just on their own without any filler. Choose a stand with a unique shape or pattern to add interest to your entryway. 

                    Add texture: Vintage art pottery often has interesting textures and finishes. Consider using a stand with a matte or textured finish to add depth and interest to your decor. 


                      Our collection of art pottery umbrella stands is full of gorgeous, highly collectible pieces by Roseville, Weller, Brush McCoy, and more. We’re constantly adding new inventory so check back often for the vintage umbrella holder that works perfectly in your space for whatever use you have in mind.  

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