Cottagecore or Cottage Style Decor with Art Pottery

Cottagecore or Cottage Style Decor with Art Pottery

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Cottagecore Art Pottery

Cottage style, or its more modern sister, Cottagecore, has no discernible roots. However, for obvious reasons, it is closely tied to small houses (cottages) and cozy, nature-inspired, sometimes whimsical touches. While cottages have existed for centuries, they can fit numerous architectural styles and house designs, so the style isn't explicitly attached to architecture and instead focuses on the feelings of comfort such a house might inspire.    

Today's look is sometimes more sophisticated than the original cottage style but is still heritage-inspired, with Cottagecore being even more whimsical and less formal.    

Let's learn about the style and how you can incorporate art pottery pieces you love.  


What is Cottage Style or Cottagecore?  

Outside of a cottage

The main characteristics of cottage core today are natural elements, fresh colors, and comfortable furnishings. There is no right or wrong way to approach the look. All you want to do is create a warm, welcoming feeling that makes everyone feel at home.   


It is an appealing casual look that doesn't demand a large budget and is very DIY-friendly. Floral patterns, weathered finishes, organic textures, and muted colors all work well. But because anything goes, you can do almost exactly as you please.  


Here are a few broad guidelines that are made to be broken:  


  • Pastel colors are safe. But if there are touches of bold color in fabrics, you can use these for emphasis. Examples include patchwork quilts, rag rugs, and Kelims.  


  • Wall surfaces may be painted or wallpapered. If you opt for paint, softly sponged or rag-rolled finishes are ideal. Stenciled borders will also fit the cottage style. But if you want white-washed walls, they will be equally well suited to the style.  


  • In many ways, cottage furniture is easier to identify than the basic style for interiors. Brass beds, wood or wicker furniture, padded head boards, bentwood, and spindle back chairs are all appropriate. 
    This is a very cottagecore image!


  • Accessories can be vast and varied. Flowers in porcelain vases, pictures in wooden frames, Victorian bric-a-brac, and stylish art pottery from all eras will help to complete the look. Reusing products, like an antique pitcher as a flower vase, are a very cottage-style touch.  


What to Look For When Choosing Art Pottery that Fits with Cottage Style    

While too much clutter will look messy, this doesn't mean that a cottage-style interior should be minimal. For example, a wall with multiple pictures grouped or a collection of coveted art pottery tiles and wall pockets displayed together fit the style perfectly.    

If you like the idea of an art pottery collection, you might first define a theme. This may be color, shape, functionality, or the maker. Also, be sure you have a suitable place to display it. A mantelpiece can work, but sometimes a small table or sideboard will provide the opportunity for a better display. Of course, your theme could just be "things I like looking at all day!" 

Art pottery with flowers on a shelf


Flowers displayed in pottery vases are the perfect accessory for a cottage-style interior. Art pottery with floral designs might be exactly what you're looking for.  

You can really opt for just about any art pottery style if it fits your cottage-style color scheme and the overall comfortable, enjoyable feeling of your surroundings.  

You can also forego a theme altogether and just accessorize with items that are pleasing to your eye. Again, that's one of the main aspects of cottage style. Surround yourself with aesthetically pleasing items and decor that make you feel comfortable and at home.  

For instance, Art Nouveau pottery and Art Deco pieces can look stunning, as can country and farmhouse-style items. Even contemporary art pottery can fit when styled accordingly. 

Furthermore, it doesn't matter whether you choose functional art pottery or items such as pottery bowls, planters, or ceramic flower vases that are purely decorative. Wall plaques and wall pockets are other suitable options. A real, small country cottage might be full of a variety of used or handed-down items picked for their use or their attractiveness over their ability to fit with any specific scheme.  


Buy Cottagecore Pieces at Just Art Pottery


bright flowers in vases


Just Art Pottery has many different styles of art pottery that will look great in a cottage-style environment. Our price range is also very varied to suit all budgets.    

Whether you are looking specifically for a floral theme or a particular color, you will find a wide selection to browse.   

Here are some more specific ideas based on our own collections and experience and our customers' reviews.   

Our Favorite Art Pottery for Cottage-Style Ideas  

Functional art pottery is perfect for a cottage-style home. Options include bowls, planters, vases, candle holders, and bookends. Both candle holders and bookends are wonderfully decorative as well as functional. We have a fascinating selection of both at any given time.    

Anyone opting for a floral theme should also consider pottery planters, intriguing ceramic flower frogs, wall pockets, and vases. The pieces may feature floral decoration, or you can simply use them to grow or display indoor plants.    

Art Pottery for Plants & Flowers  

Planters are ideal for indoor plants. When using live flowers with any art pottery, always use a liner or plastic insert.   

We stock a wide range of art pottery for displaying flowers, including vintage and original Roseville, Weller, Rookwood, Van Briggle, and McCoy. Whether you want something that looks like a beautiful plant pot or something that looks too good for planting, you'll find it on our shelves.  

We also have a stunning range of hanging basket planters that will look gorgeous in a cottage-style setting.    

Wall pockets, also known as wall vases, were hugely popular in the US in the early 20th century. Originally they were designed for holding cut flowers. They were also commonly used to root ivy and other plants, but now antique and vintage pieces are even used as decor on their own.   

Ceramic Flower frogs were hugely popular in the US during the mid-1930s and 1940s. Shapes range from simple rounds to elaborate figurines. A part of the flower frog has holes to support the flower stems.  

floral flower frog


Vases, bowls, baskets, and centerpieces can be functional and highly decorative. Roseville and Weller Pottery bowls and baskets in floral patterns are ideal for display in a cottage-style home.   

For the rest of your decor, you can choose to remain in the more traditional cottage style or add whimsy toward the cottagecore vibe by adding nature elements that represent enchanted forest motifs like mushrooms, twigs, and a variety of earth's treasures.   

Ultimately, your choices are limitless for the art pottery you display in your cottage-style home.     

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