Roseville Pottery Lamps

Roseville Pottery Lamps

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Roseville Pottery lamps have become sought-after by many Roseville collections. Often times a converted Roseville vase that was post-factory drilled to convert to a lamp with sell for more than an undamaged vase from the same pattern.  

Roseville Factory Lamp BaseRoseville Morning Glory Factory Lamp

Roseville started producing lamps as early as 1916.  However, to date no factory stock pages for Roseville lamps have been identified.  

Many Roseville lamps have hand-written crayon marks that are often misinterpreted by collectors as trial glaze numbers.  Roseville did not make trial glaze lamps.  

Roseville Cherry Blossom Factory LampRoseville Rosecraft Panel Nude Factory Lamp Base








Some Roseville lamps do have similarities to standard Roseville patterns but often with slightly different shapes and floral designs.  Some of the Roseville patterns with factory lamps include Freesia, Pine Cone, Early Velmoss, Rosecraft Panel Nude, and Morning Glory.  

Roseville Russco Factory Lamp VaseRoseville Pine Cone Converted Vase Lamp

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