Van Briggle Pottery Lorelei Reproduction

Van Briggle Pottery Lorelei Reproduction

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Many Van Briggle Pottery collectors consider the Lorelei vase to be Artus Van Briggle's most beautiful and sought after design.  Due to the popularity of the Lorelei vase, it was produced throughout the years of Van Briggle Pottery production.

The first Lorelei vase was produced in 1898.  In 1998 for the 100 year anniversary of the pottery created the first-ever reproduction of Artus Van Briggle's original 1898 Lorelei.  

Van Briggle LoreleiVan Briggle Pottery Marks



Artus Van Briggle's inspiration for the original vase was from German folk legend of Lorelei, the siren of the Rhine River.  According to this legend, the Lorelei was a beautiful maiden who threw herself in the Rhine River to end her despair over a faithless lover.  As she drown, a transformation took place.  She became a siren who lured fishermen to destruction as she sang and combed her hair, on the rock from which she originally jumped.

Van Briggle Lorelei VaseVan Briggle Pottery Marks

The reproduction of the Van Briggle Lorelei was produced from the actual vase on display at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.  Van Briggle produced the limited-edition reproduction in deep sea, turquoise, lilac blue, persian rose, and yellow.   

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