Decorating with Art Pottery

One of the great joys in collecting art pottery is the opportunity to display and enjoy your collection.  The options on how to display and decorate with your art pottery are as varied as the many different types of pottery available to collect. 

Ultimately the choice on how to display your pottery collection depends on your personal preferences, the space you have available, and your goals for how you want your pottery displayed.  Below are some tips and examples of how other collectors display and decorate with art pottery.

1. Single or Multiples

One of the great things about art pottery is that it can be displayed in both small settings and or larger groupings.  

 Decorating with Art Pottery

Others prefer a more is better approach as shown by the exceptional display of contemporary art nouveau and arts and crafts Ephraim Faience Pottery.

Display of Ephraim Faience Pottery

2. Same Makers

Many collectors prefer to display their art pottery grouped by similar makers.  These sorts of art pottery displays can serve as exceptional interior design accents. 

The display below of craftsman style, arts and crafts Marblehead Pottery on a period textile is simply stunning.  

Matte Blue Marblehead Pottery

The display below is a great example of decorating with Roseville Pottery.  You see a great diversity in patterns including Dogwood, Futura, Topeo, Orian, Mostique, Carnelia, Early Velmoss, Foxglove and Tourmaline.  In addition, you have diversity in styles including arts and crafts, art deco and mid-century modern.    

3. Colors

Some collectors prefer to keep consistency in colors when displaying or decorating with their art pottery.  For example, the grouping of Z-Line matte green Rookwood vases makes a beautiful addition to this arts and crafts interior.  

Matte Green Rookwood 

The photo below gives an example of how to decorate within shades of blue using Van Briggle, Rookwood and Weller Pottery.

Decorating with Art Pottery

4. Style

Common decorating styles that incorporate art pottery as decorative accents include arts and crafts, art deco, mid-century modern and art nouveau.  

This display of early arts and crafts Van Briggle Pottery focuses on a specific era while demonstrating a diversity of color and form.  

Arts and Craft Van Briggle

Another arts and crafts pottery focusing on Weller and Marblehead makes quite an impressive statement. 

Arts and Crafts Pottery

Roseville pottery was without question at the forefront of art deco pottery design with the ever-popular Roseville Futura pattern as shown in this display.

Art Deco Roseville Futura Pottery

Another popular art deco Roseville Pottery pattern is the Imperial II glazes line that has become very popular with younger art pottery collectors and decorators.  

Art Deco Roseville Imperial II glazes

This pair of mid-century modern Pillin drip glaze vases is subtle but makes a striking and beautiful impact.

Art Deco Pillin Pottery

This grouping of Roseville Ming Tree shows a great way to incorporate mid-century design into your home.  

Mid Century Modern Roseville Ming Tree

Finally a stunning example of mid-century modern design.  

Mid Century Modern Decorating with Art Pottery

A lovely art nouveau display showing a pair of contemporary Stephanie Young Calmwater Design vases.

Art Nouveau Pottery Stephanie Young Calmwater Design Vases

Other ways to consider grouping and displaying your art pottery could be by a single artist, year or period of production, or geographic region.  The options are really limitless.