Jemerick and Arts and Clay Art Pottery Collection

We are pleased to offer the fresh to market Jeffrey Lucove Jemerick and Arts and Clay Pottery Collection.  The collection includes many rare and one-of-a-kind examples and was assembled over many years.  Jemerick Pottery was started by Steve Frederick and Cherie Jemsek.  They began as studio potters in 1973 and started working in the Arts and Crafts Style in 1997.  All Jemerick Pottery was hand thrown by Steve and then individually designed and sculpted by either Steve or Cherie. After drying, they are fired to a bisque temperature before glazing and then fired to over 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. All Jemerick Pottery was designed to be water-tight and can be used for fresh flowers.  

Jemerick stopped producing pottery around 2014.  Their work is highly sought after by collectors and has rapidly escalated in value.  

The Arts and Clay pots were thrown by Steve Frederick of Jemerick and glazed by Art Accardi and were marked with The Arts and Clay logo.  


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