About Jervis Pottery

Jervis Pottery was founded by William Jervis in Oyster Bay, New York. Jervis was first known as an author, writing books such as The Encylcopedia of Ceramics and A Pottery Primer, before opening up his own pottery in 1908. Frederick Rhead, who worked with Roseville Pottery, also worked with Jervis for a short time. Jervis produced pottery until 1912.

Several decorating techniques were employed by Jervis including a sgraffito style, as used by Rhead at Roseville. The glazes tended to be subdued in color, and metallic glazes (mostly copper) were used. Most Jervis Pottery is marked with the Jervis name, written with a large "J" and inscribed in an octagonal shape. In addition to the Jervis logo, some examples are also marked "O.B." for the Oyster Bay, where the pottery was produced.