About Muncie Pottery

Muncie Pottery began in 1919, deriving from the German-American Clay Company that had opened in 1915. Muncie potters such as A.E. Trifonoff and James Wilkins developed the company's carved designs and colored, matte glazes. Unfortunately, after twenty years of production, Muncie Pottery closed its doors in 1939 due to the Great Depression.

While early designs focused on lamp and lamp bases, late Muncie pottery included a variety of colorful shapes, termed "Rainbow Art Pottery." Glazes ranged from quality matte glaze to high gloss, drip glazes in fruity colors like peachskin, bittersweet and orange peel. Muncie Pottery can be found both marked and unmarked. Marked examples of Muncie Pottery are usually stamped MUNCIE and/or marked with molder/finisher marks.