Rookwood Pottery Ivory Jewel Porcelain Glaze Line

Rookwood Pottery formally introduced the sought after Ivory Jewel Porcelain glaze in 1920.  But the reference book Rookwood Pottery The Glaze Lines by Anita Ellis indicates the Ivory Jewel Porcelain glaze was used as early as 1916.  

Rookwood Vase Ivory Jewel Porcelain Glaze Sara Sax

The Ivory Jewel Porcelain glaze was described by Rookwood as a translucent glaze that under close inspection reveals tiny imbedded bubble-like structures.  It is a slightly hazy, gloss glaze on a porcelain body.  

Rookwood Pottery Vase Ivory Jewel Porcelain

The Ivory Jewel Porcelain glaze line was in production at Rookwood from around 1916 until as late as 1953.  Many of the best examples of Ivory Jewel Porcelain were produced in the 1920s and often decorated by Kataro Shirayamadani, Sara Sax, Arthur Conant and Jens Jensen. 

Rookwood Ivory Jewel Porcelain Glaze

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